My vision to establish the Magical Getaway Foundation (MGF) was to provide hope to vulnerable or disadvantaged Australian children and families.

Despite their current circumstances, they have so much to give back to other people.

Sadly though, their struggle is to just get through each day. Feelings of Funderssadness, desperation, vulnerability and helplessness overwhelm them.

There is no hope.

These children and families deserve, and have a right to, a better future.

The Magical Getaway Foundation provides such an opportunity through the gift of FIRST EVER holidays.

It’s not about the holiday, it’s what the holiday brings including closer family ties, increased self-esteem, expansion of social networks, skills development, improvements in mental health and greater participation in education and paid work.

In return, the Foundation gathers the receipients’ stories of courage and resilience to share with others, to bring hope.

Please support the Magical Getaway Foundation to bring hope to the 1 in 3 Australian children who have never been on a holiday, not even a weekend away.

Together we will break the cycle.

Rosemary Teed
Founder / Director
Magical Getaway Foundation