The MAGICAL GETAWAY FOUNDATION (MGF) is the ONLY NATIONAL charity dedicated to giving FIRST EVER holidays to vulnerable or disadvantaged children, young people and their families to improve their health and wellbeing to reach their full potential.

We work with children, young people and their families affected by domestic violence, along with other issues such as mental health, abuse and poverty.



Alarmingly, the demand in Australia is beyond high for the Foundation’s work. Around 1 in 3 Australian children, 1 in 3 Australian women and 1 in 5 Australian men have experienced domestic violence. Between 40 and 60% of families who present with domestic violence also report child abuse.

In addition, almost half of Australia’s homeless are under 25 years, including 10,000 children under 12 years and 26,000 aged between 12 and 18 years. The latest estimates from the ABS report that 15% of Australian children live in poverty.

HOLIDAYS, even a weekend away, NEVER happen.

If not resolved, these issues and associated trauma manifest in different ways, including but not limited to, high absenteeism from school, juvenile crime, substance abuse, mental health, depression and suicide.

All the children, young people and families we support are referred by community based welfare organisations across Australia who we believe are best placed to identify those who will benefit the most.

We then work in collaboration with these agencies before, during and after the FIRST EVER holiday experience.

The FIRST EVER holidays are a lifeline to provide hope for the future.

They are to places that some people in Australia take for granted like the theme parks in Queensland and Sydney.

The research clearly indicates that spending time together away on a FIRST EVER holiday is life-changing as the shame, guilt, social isolation and lack of worth due to their current circumstances are replaced by greater self-worth, friendships, social networks, strengthened family cohesion and empowerment.

As a component of the FIRST EVER holiday gift, the Foundation gathers the holiday recipients’ stories to share with others through our education programs. This acknowledgement that their own stories are important to support others also provides invaluable opportunities for improved life outcomes.