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All designs are hand-drawn by previous first ever holiday recipients.
We'd like to thank
Mia, Cruz, Nevaeh, NyahNakai and Nephi for their beautiful drawings.
All proceeds will gift more first ever getaways to eligible Australian children and their families.


Design 1

Cruz - 12

Asset 4-100.jpg

Design 3

Nyah - 4

Design 4

Nephi - 9 & Nakai - 6


Design 2

Mia - 14


Design 5

Nevaeh - 10

*All cards have white envelopes included

We request to please make pre-payment through this PayPal link. Any questions, please contact us directly. You will receive a receipt to your email from PayPal. Thank you!

*$5.50 Flat Standard Postage

Select a Design

Thanks for your order. Please ensure that a payment has been made via PayPal

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