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We support families with a child or children under the age of 18 and those who care for them (ie parents, grandparents, carers or older siblings).

The two criteria are:

  • The family has never been on a holiday, not even a weekend away.

  • The family is prepared to share their story with others.


Families cannot apply for a break directly.

All families must be referred by someone working with them in a supporting role. This ensures we assist those who most need our help and means the families get the support before, during and after their first ever holiday.

Referees work for a variety of organisations including:

  • Schools

  • Children / Family Services

  • Child Care Centres

  • Hospitals

  • Community Organisations

  • Not-For-Profits

The first ever holidays are fully funded (ie accommodation, food, transport, tourist attraction visits).

All holidays are to locations in Australia.

Applicant Details

Family Details

Thank you for your referral. We will be in touch.

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