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In March 2022, we sent 6 families (comprising of 21 children and 10 adults) on their first ever holiday.

We are excited to see the return of our getaways since Covid-19. These families were selected due to the extreme hardship they’ve faced.

These first ever getaways are invaluable as they provide a chance for families to reconnect and for the children to finally feel normal again. Recipients of these holidays have never been on a holiday, not even a weekend away.

The families stayed at the Kaloha Holiday Resort in Phillip Island for a total of six days. They visited the Penguin Parade, Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies, Churchill Island and the Koala Conservation Reserve, with thanks to Phillip Island Nature Parks. All families received a $250 Coles voucher to purchase their food for the week and petrol was reimbursed by the Foundation.

Thank you to all that have supported the Foundation in being able to give hope to these families and make their dreams come true!

All families will now begin a 8-week post-holiday support group, with members from the Board, to continue to help build a stable support system and to bring hope for the future.


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