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Four years ago Miles made a bear for a project for school. This bear was meant to help children with anxiety, depression and/or trauma with a personal recorded message of ‘Your amazing, believe in yourself and never give up’.

Since then over 30 bears have been made to help some very special children and keep them company on their very first holiday.

On the 21st January 2022, the very last bear was made.

Miles' Mum, Simone Wade said, "It has been an honour to help the Magical Getaway Foundation make a difference in peoples lives and hope they can continue to do this for many more years. Even though the bears have stopped we all hope to still be able to help, in some way, these very special children and families."

Rosemary Teed, Founder/ Director of MGF said, "Words seem inadequate - so many children have cherished and loved the bears - and, they will continue to do so as the last two bears will go on many holidays & will have many stories to tell - starting in March for 6 families."

We'd like to sincerely thank Miles for his ongoing support over the last four years - Miles, you are extraordinary!!!

Photo: The very first and very last bear made by Miles


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