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In June 2022, two families referred by Pakenham Springs Primary School went on their first ever holidays to Phillip Island. The family's stayed at the Island Breeze Resort for seven nights visiting many local tourist attractions including Churchill Island, the Penguin Parade, A Maze'N Things and the Chocolate Factory.

Below is a statement written by one of the Mum's, Liana, about what the holiday meant to her and her three children:

"The memories I will forever hold closest to my heart is seeing my babies all get along and the joy that came from different experiences.

Being able to spend time as family with no outside pressures of school, work and day to day stresses.

The kids will forever hold and carry those memories for life and reflect back on our first ever holiday as a bonding experience and be able to remember all the good times had.

The one-on-one time spent with each of my kids is something I’ll hold onto for life as cherished memories, the hot tub being out most prized luxury at the resort.

Experiencing our first ever Penguin show was a very special moment for the kids that was very much spoken about and enjoyed.

Being able to just be kids and enjoy the experiences givens to us is something that not many families get to enjoy to the level that we did.

Being that we have all been through bumps in the roads with Domestic Violence relationships, mental health and suicide attempts with my 15 yr old something that is absolutely soul crushing to witness and to live with, to disabilities with my youngest being somewhat hard to overcome, to the social anxiety of being locked up over the Covid times it was extremely touching that we were nominated for this experience that was absolutely life changing and helped us bond as a family.

I’d love to give a huge shout out to all involved for giving my family the chance to experience such a cherished family bonding experience and a reset as a family. What they do and achieve is ABSOLUTLEY heart touching and life changing to families who would never get to experience such joy."

We'd like to sincerely thank the Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham for funding this holiday and the local tourist attractions for your support.


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