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We arrived in Lorne on the 26th of October, we were so excited as we have never been on a holiday before, we have moved 8 times over the years due to domestic violence, it’s the first time we have been able to forget the worlds troubles, the ups and downs and the challenges we have faced.

The apartment was beautiful overlooking the water and tennis courts, we enjoyed waking up and having breakfast together something we don’t do very often sitting down together to eat, it was lovely.

The scenery was amazing, the bendy roads made us car sick at times as were went up and down steep hills, but the final destination was well worth it, we loved Erskine Falls, so beautiful and peaceful, Sybella even made a friend with the local parrot that night we slept well after all those steps, the days the followed we couldn’t believe our eyes walking among the tree tops at Otway Tree Top Walk, we had some tears as we conquered our fears.

But our favourite by far was the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park, on our way we came across a snake crossing the road we pulled up and let it get to where it needed to go, the wallabies were so sweet, gentle & loved a scratch with a snack, the dingos were so loving and placid, we didn’t expect them to be so calm it was nice to sit with them and enjoy their company as I hope they enjoyed ours. And experience never to be forgotten, we are so thankful for the opportunity to spend this quality time together for our first ever holiday.


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