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Hope and special memories were created for two grandparents, Julie and John, and their two grandchildren, Jane, aged 11, and Sam, aged 9, when they went on their first ever holiday.

Anglicare referred the family who went on their first ever holiday to Lorne in October 2018. (Pseudonyms have been used due to the Kinship Care arrangement).

The family have endured a lot over the years, with both grandparents having to return to work from retirement when they took on their grandchildren.

Julie wrote after their holiday:

“I would like to say the biggest thank you for the amazing opportunity for my husband and l to be able to take our 2 grandchildren to experience (as the kids said) the best holiday ever.

These 2 children have experienced many horrific traumatic events in their short lives which nobody should have to go through, especially young children. We still don’t know if they will be sent back home again but no one can ever take away their memories of the best holiday ever. The kids have told us that when they go to bed at night if they are thinking bad thoughts, they think of Lorne instead.

Everything about the holiday was perfect and each time there was a new experience (too many to count), the look on their faces was priceless. We took many photos as keepsakes of the holiday that made the children feel that there are people other than their nanny and poppy and a few others that do care about them. They sleep with their teddies from Mikayla every night and listen to the saying constantly.

Sam went to school and told everyone about the best holiday ever. When one little boy said to him that Disneyland would be better to which Sam said there is no way anything could be better than Lorne.”


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