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Kaylah and Bianca, her mum, were struggling every day behind closed doors. Driving past their rented home, no-one would know the pain and suffering both had experienced including horrific domestic violence which had led to Kaylah’s high absenteeism from school, destructive behaviour and severe anger outbursts. She was only eight at the time.

Overwhelming feelings of sadness, loneliness and shame filled their every moment.

Sadly too, a paedophile was lurking, promising so much, including a holiday.

That was when the agency involved with the family contacted the Magical Getaway Foundation.

When the Foundation met Bianca and told her about the holiday, she initially thought it was a scam. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. Her worker quietly said, ‘No this is real, you are going on your first ever holiday.’ Kaylah screamed with delight and tears ran down her face.

Their first ever holiday was to the theme parks in Queensland, along with other mums and their children, who too had never been on a holiday, not even a weekend away.

The children’s expressions were priceless as they experienced for the first time the sound of waves, the sand, BBQs together, their own bedrooms in the self-contained accommodation, the tourist attractions and just being allowed for the first time ever, to forget their worries and to enjoy being children.

New forever friendships were made between the mums and the kids, as they had all experienced together their first ever holiday which had once only been a dream.

Twelve months after the life-changing experience, Kaylah was doing really well at school. When Bianca was asked about the impact the first ever holiday had made, she replied, ‘I now have a job, I’ve bought a car and am looking forward to going on my holidays.’


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