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Victoria has four grandchildren; Taleah (15), Tyrhys (14), Hayley (8) and Takota (2). She has been their carer for over 10 years, experiencing a lot of challenges along the way.

They have never been on a holiday together due to circumstances life has brought.

We sent them on their first ever holiday to Lorne in March 2019. During their time in Lorne they stayed at the beautiful Mantra Lorne.

A highlight of their trip was visiting the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park where they were greeted by the Managing Director and were able to meet all the different animals they have on offer, including the Emus, Kangaroos & Dingos.

The holiday gave Victoria and her grandchildren a chance to relax and enjoy being a family. They will take back with them memories which will last a life-time.


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