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In May, we sent three Victorian Mums; Norma, Kathryn and Leanne to experience a first ever holiday with their kids in Lorne.

Norma is a Mum to 5 children, Beau (15 years), Brock (9 years), Mackenzie (8 years), Sebastian (6 years) and Billy (4 years). The family was referred to us by VACCA. Norma and her children had been homeless for some time, until recently when they acquired a rental property.

Due to previous life circumstances, the family had never been on a holiday together; the kids had never even seen a beach. The family stayed at the Mantra Lorne, a beautiful beach resort situated along the Great Ocean Road where the family visited the beach many times throughout the week.

Kathryn, who was referred by The Orange Door, is Mum to Oscar (4 years). Kathryn and her son had experienced domestic violence, resulting in them just being able to make ends meet each week. They had never been on a holiday.

Leanne, Mum of Jack (16 years), experienced a similar story to Kathryn, where domestic violence had played a large part of her life, resulting in the family not having the opportunity to go on a holiday together.

While in Lorne, the three families were able to forget about their day-to-day stresses and reconnect.


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